mhm, this forum is for our loverly gasr'ers who feel quite... unhappy bout the current state of the GASR D,
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We are moving!! 8D Head on over to http://ourgasr.viohosting.net ! <33333

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 .:`Rules~ READ THIS :D

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PostSubject: .:`Rules~ READ THIS :D   Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:01 pm

Hi there ! Welcome to our home away from home, ourGASR ^^

Firstly, please sign up with your imvu name, as to avoid confusion :'D

These rules are simple, and pretty straight forward, please follow them.

1. No fighting, trolling, abuse, racism, or anything deemed inappropriate for a tween audience.
2. Only bump once every six hours with no activity.
3. Trust in your neighborhood mod, they know what they are doing. XD I've chosen them especially for their commitment to the community, rules, and art, so please: respect and listen to them <3
4. Do not steal work from others.
5. No Begging
6. Linking to other sites is perfectly fine, so long as the content there is appropriate for a tween audience :'D
7. Spam, Spam, Spam.. There will be no official rule against it, but feel free to ask to limit or eliminate spam in your own topics (ie shops) Tis pretty much completely up to you lol
8. Swearing.. Like I said before, nothing that shouldn't be heard by a tween audience. Censor yourself if you need to, but absolutely no derogatory words.
Simple, yes? cat


Some more clarity, for those that need et::

Do Not Post anything that should not be viewed by a 12yo! Pixels or not, words or not, there are laws in many countries prohibiting young viewers from seeing these things. I do not want this forum shut down because of some sillehness, so please, if you would like access into the Adult forum i have made, please pm me. Otherwise, no adult content.
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.:`Rules~ READ THIS :D
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