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 About Art Thieves;;

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PostSubject: About Art Thieves;;   Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:33 pm


There is a possibility that art thieves may pop up here.
It's sad but it's true.

Remember to always order drawings with caution.
It's alot harder to scam avi pictures then it is drawings.
Because there's a web full of drawings.. Which is good and bad.
Sometimes being a little cautious is better then letting everyone get fooled by an art theif.

Steps you can take to prevent being scammed by an art thief;

1. Read through a couple pages of the shop.
Look at what people ordered and what the artist produced is it similar to what the person wanted or is it NOTHING like what they asked.

2. Put a couple pictures on TinEye if they are original drawings for IMVU they should have 0 results.

What you should do if you suspect someone of Art Thievery;

If you have no hard evidence that someone is an art thief then don't jump to conclusions.
Give the person the benefit of the doubt.
First things first PM them about it ask them for proof.
If they do not respond PM me.. I'll look into it :3

It's not fun being scammed it's hurtful.

Sometimes it's better to be suspicious then think of the best in someone.

- Bedlam
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About Art Thieves;;
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